Buying a Car from Interstate

by Katie BRT Manager Sep 19, 2022

Purchasing a car from interstate has never been easier.

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to buying a car. From roadworthy certificates to insurances, a car purchase is something that requires time and research.

But what happens when the car you want to buy is located interstate?

While it's definitely possible to purchase a car located in another state, there are additional processes that need to be ticked off before the car arrives home.

This is what you need to do to ensure that your interstate car purchase is as smooth and stress-free as possible;


Car Inspection and Review

As a priority, ask the seller for the vehicle’s VIN number. You'll then be able to search the vehicle online to see if it has been stolen, has outstanding debt owed or any defects. This search will also confirm the car's road worthy status.

While you may not be there to inspect the vehicle in person, there are opportunities to inspect the vehicle via video calls. If you're reluctant on inspecting the vehicle via video, you can obtain a third-party inspection from an insurance company who will review the vehicle on your behalf for a fee.

You may have more confidence in buying the vehicle from an interstate dealer that provides warranties on new car purchases.  These warranties aren't available when purchasing from a private seller, so do your due diligence when it comes to research, inspection and transporting the car home.


Transfer of State Registration and Licence requirements

Once you have bought the car, you will need to arrange for appropriate insurances and transfer the vehicle into your name. There are different registration and licence requirements depending on which state you live in.

You can search online or contact your State's Road Transport Corporation or Road Traffic Authority to determine what registration certificates you need in your state. From here, you are able to complete the  documents online and claim owner status.

Don't forget that it's best practice to register and insure the car in your name before transporting it home.


Arranging Car Transport

If you decide to purchase a vehicle from interstate, you are required to cover the transport costs. The cost of the transport varies depending on;

  • The type of vehicle that you buy
  • Where you need to transport the vehicle to,
  • Who you buy the  vehicle off, and;
  • The price of fuel.

To help you stay within budget when transporting a car interstate, you can use search engines and comparative tools.   These tools help you to compare interstate transport costs and services. You can also use these tools to obtain transport quotes from interstate transport companies to see if they can help you with your transport needs, especially if they align better with your budget.


Are you ready to bring your car home?

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