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Are you moving on to greener pastures? Or perhaps to the bright lights or tropical rainforest or sunny beaches? Wherever you’re going, we at Best Rated Transport can handle all your transport needs when moving interstate. 

Check out our ultimate guide to interstate moving to ensure your smoothest move yet!


What is an interstate move?


An interstate move means you are moving out of your current state to another state. When you’re looking at a long distance move where you will need to consider how you will get your furniture, cars, pets and self from A to B. 


Interstate moving requires a fair bit of planning. If you are moving locally, you may be able to move over a few days or even weeks and take multiple trips back and forth to your old house and new house. This generally isn’t the case when moving interstate. It’s a better idea to get all of your items packed up and moved together. 


FACT: Moving interstate involves more than just furniture removal. 


Most of us will have more than just a few boxes and some furniture to move. Below are a few of the things to think about when moving interstate:


  • How will you get there? Will you drive or fly?

  • How will you get your pets there? 

  • How will you transport your cars or other vehicles there, such as bikes, motorcycles, caravan, boat, etc?

  • What about extra bulky items like the kids’ cubby house, a large aquarium or a trampoline? 

  • What about plants or other living things? 


Interstate Moving Options

Are Furniture Removals my only Choice?


What options do I have for moving interstate? The good news for anyone looking to interstate removalists is that you have a few really affordable options. 


Option 1: Self Move/Do It Yourself

Hiring your own moving truck is one option you have. This is one of the most popular choices for local moves but interstate moving can be a bit trickier. 


Self Move means that you hire your own truck or UHaul and drive it yourself. You will need to pay insurance and the hire fee and pack the truck yourself. You will also be in charge of the fuel costs and protective items for your belongings. 

You can purchase a truck or a trailer which can be towed by your own vehicle. Below are a few things to consider when comparing self move quotes:


  • How big of a truck/trailer will you need?

  • How much will fuel cost? 

  • How many times will you need to stop and where will you sleep along the way?

  • How will you get your other vehicle(s) there if you have more than one car?


The good thing about this option is you can make a road trip out of it and that your belongings remain with you along the way. This is also ideal if you have pets, if you prefer not to fly and if you are wanting to take in the sights along the way. 

Option 2: Using Professional Interstate Removalist

A popular option for interstate moving is to hire interstate removalists. Furniture movers will do the heavy lifting for you and will transport your items to your new location. They will also unload your furniture and other items so you don’t have to worry about any of that. If you are after the easiest and less stressful way to move, this is by far your best option.



In general, if you opt for an interstate removalist, you only have to worry about a few things. You will need to organise the date of your move and you will need to provide an accurate idea of how much stuff you need moving. Don’t worry if you don’t know this for sure - Best Rated Transport can help you with all of this! 


You will also need to notify your interstate removalist about your date of drop off and location, as well as a few details about your house such as if it’s an apartment, has stairs or an elevator or if it’s a long walk to your drop off point. 


You will also need to be in charge of packing your items into boxes, but, as for the furniture and larger items, your interstate removalists can handle this for you. Which means no broken backs or sore arms! 


Interstate movers handle:


  • Insurance and fuel costs

  • Unloading and loading of your goods

  • Transport of your items from A to B

  • Protective coverings for your items 


There are several interstate removalists out there which is why it’s so important to compare interstate removalists quotes before deciding on a mover. It’s also important to check reviews and accreditation to ensure the interstate movers are reliable. 


Your Best Rate with Backloading 


Another option you have when it comes to budget interstate moving is to consider backloading. Backloading is when you book available truck space on a large interstate removalist truck that already has a primary load. You may not need to book the entire truck for your move and thus, with backloading, you only pay for the space that you need. 


This is one of our specialities at Best Rated Transport and it’s our recommendation for those who do have some flexibility when it comes to their moving dates.


Option 3: Container Hire or Container Transport 


Container transport is another smart option when it comes to interstate moving. There are two main ways you can do this. If you have your own container, you can pay to have a container transport company move your container from your house to your new location. This is called “transit only”. You will need to pack the container yourself and unload it at your new home, but you don’t have to worry about getting the container onto a truck or finding a way to move it. 


If you don’t have a container, you can hire one which involves the same as above, but you will be given a container for 28 days. You then load it up and arrange for pick up and delivery. You can then unload it at your new location before the container is picked up. 


While container transport isn't always cheaper than using a professional removalist, it is with some long distance moves. It all depends on where you are moving to and where you are coming from. You may find that hiring a container and getting it loaded and shipped to your new home is actually your cheapest option, especially when moving long distance. 


Like hiring professional furniture removalists, you don't have to worry about making the drive yourself and containers can carry furniture as well as vehicles (be sure to request this). This is definitely a plus for anyone looking to bypass the long distance drive and just fly to their new home. 


Container hire and transit only hire means: 


  • You load and unload the container 

  • The transport company handles transport, fuel costs and insurance

  • Also known as self-pack or DIY pack

  • Great for those who want to pack their own container in their own time


Which option is right for you?

This depends on a number of factors but here at Best Rated Transport, our mission is to help you find the best rate for whatever option you choose. 

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Compare Interstate Removalists Quotes

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We provide free instant quotes on all interstate removals, furniture removals, container transport, general freight and more. 


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How much does an interstate move cost?

This is probably one of the most common questions when it comes to moving interstate. 


Costs depends on a few factors but the main ones are: 


  • How much are you moving?

  • Where are you moving to and from?

  • What type of interstate move are you considering?

  • When are you moving? It can be more expensive to move during peak moving months. 


As a rough guide, you can expect to pay anywhere from $120 to $250 per cubic metre when moving interstate in Australia. 


What do you mean by cubic metre? 


Cubic metre is the volume of a metre-long cube and is the main unit of measurement in the moving industry. You may have an idea of how many cubic metres you need to move or you may have no idea. 


Cubic meterage Calculator 


As a basic guideline, here is what you are looking at:


  • How many cubic metres in a studio apartment? 10m3 

  • How many cubic metres in a one bedroom apartment? 12m3 to 17m3

  • How many cubic metres in a 2 bedroom house or apartment? 20m3

  • How many cubic metres in a 3 bedroom house? 25m3 to 40m3 

  • How many cubic metres in a 4 bedroom house? 41m3 to 65m3


Estimate Your Moving Budget

Removalist Services (fill in all that apply): 

  • Truck hire/insurance:  __________

  • Fuel Costs: ____________

  • Container hire: __________

  • Container transport: _________

  • Removalists costs: _________

  • Moving equipment: ________

  • Car and general freight: _________

  • Storage: ____________




Travel services (fill in all that apply):

  • Meals  ____________

  • Hotels and accommodation: ______

  • Flights, fuel, and other travelling expenses: __________

  • Pet care and transport: ____

Additional Costs to Consider 

  • End of lease cleaning: __________

  • Transfer of utilities: __________

  • Miscellaneous for the new house: _________

TOTAL: ______________

Moving Interstate - Cars, Pets and Other Items


Furniture is easy to move. But what about your fur babies? You will probably want to either keep them in the car with you or use an airline service that allows animals to fly. We recommend that, when it comes to your pets, you bring them along with you on your travels.



Cars, boats and caravans can also be tricky to get from A to B. Many long distance movers won’t have the capacity to transfer these larger items and you may need to consider a car transport company or container transport. If you do need general freight or vehicles transported, be sure to include this when comparing interstate removalists quotes. 


Interstate Moving Checklist and Timeline:

When to do What


There is no exact method to the madness of moving, but here is a checklist of what needs to be done when moving interstate: 



Three months before your big move: 

  • Start investigating how much your move will cost and how much you will have to save

  • Look into the various providers in your new area (gas, water, internet) 

  • Research the new area you are moving to (local shops, public transport)

  • Look for a new school or daycare for your child (ren)

  • If you want to renovate your new home, inquire about costs and possibilities with contractors and make a budget.


Two months before your move:

  • Request interstate removalists quotes 

  • Discuss your mortgage with the bank

  • Update your address for authorities and services (tax, insurance)

  • Disconnect/transfer service providers like utilities

  • Confirm your travel plans

  • Sort through your belongings and declutter by donating or selling it

  • Make a list of everyone who should be informed about your move including friends, employers, schools, dentists, doctors, subscription services, tax authorities.


One month before your move:

  • Confirm your booking with the furniture removals company or container hire. 

  • Make an inventory list of what you wish to take. 

  • Finalise contracts with your real estate agent. 

  • Find storage facilities if required. 

  • Order furnishings for your new home and book tradesman if required (plumbing, lighting, Foxtel connection)

  • If you have children, register them at their new school


Two weeks before the big day: 

  • Organise a cleaner for once you have moved

  • Redirect your mail with Australia Post for up to 3 months

  • Begin emptying your freezer and fridge of un-essential products

  • Finalise moving details with the removal company

  • Cancel any local services (for example: newspaper delivery)

  • Have a plan for moving day and organise a backup plan just in case

  • Organise care for your children and pets on moving day

  • Start cleaning up things you no longer need


One week before you move:

  • Finish packing as much as possible, focussing on non-essential items

  • Label boxes with their contents and to the room they belong

  • Pack an emergency ‘survival’ bag (spare clothes, toiletries, medication)

  • Place all necessary documentation in an easy to remember location

  • Collect the keys to your new home if possible or confirm their pickup

  • Call your removal company for a last-minute update/check

  • Begin defrosting your freezer.



  • Verify the delivery details of your belongings with the removalist when they arrive

  • Follow your inventory list, to ensure nothing is accidentally left behind

  • Double check every room and hidden space

  • Do a final sweep and clean so you leave it nice for the new owners or renters

  • Give removalists a copy of your house plan, so they know where to put your furniture

  • Last: turn off the power and water supply, lock up and hand over the keys to the real estate agent


After you arrive at your house:

  • Try to arrive before your removal company does.

  • Check all utilities have been connected including fridge and freezer

  • Do a quick clean before placing your furniture

  • Unpack as soon as possible, it will help you do another declutter and start fresh in your

  • new home right away

  • Finally: Write a review on your experience with the removalist. Your experience will help others who are going through the same thing!


Top Ten Tips for Moving Interstate


1. Compare all of your interstate removalists options - Consider all roads to travel including furniture removalists and container transport. It’s always best to compare furniture removalists quotes to ensure the best rate. Use a comparison company like Best Rated Transport to ensure transport credibility and to save time. 


2. Start early - This can help with feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Focus on just doing one or two tasks a day or week rather than trying to rush the jobs. 


3. Gather your materials - Invest in quality packing materials including boxes, bubble wrap and packing tape. We also suggest using a dark coloured marker for labelling and avoid using newspaper to wrap delicate items as it doesn’t properly protect them. 


4. Take a detailed inventory - Go from room to room and write down everything you will need moved, from beds to boxes. Don’t forget to also take an inventory of items stored in your garage and garden shed. 


5. Use checklists - An inventory checklist is great but there’s plenty more to organise when it comes to moving interstate. We recommend having checklists for everything, from what to buy, who you need to call to organise the move and what days you will tackle each job. See our Interstate Moving Timeline Checklist above.  


6. Declutter before you pack - Don’t just throw everything into a box. Decide what items you can donate, sell or bin to save space on the things you don’t use anymore. This may include some larger pieces of furniture, old toys and clothes and broken appliances that currently take up space in your kitchen cupboards. 


7. Rely on others to help - If you have kids, ask a friend or family member if they can take them for a weekend so you can focus on packing or cleaning the house. Or see if you can convince some friends to come over and assist with dismantling furniture one afternoon (you may have to supply the beer and wine). Many hands make light work, even when it comes to big tasks like packing and moving interstate! 


8. Consider a food service for a few days - When you’re mostly packed from your new house or recently moved in, you probably won’t have much food in the fridge. Consider a ready-made meal service which can deliver meals to your door and can easily be heated in the microwave or oven. This takes the pressure off having to prepare meals when you’re in the middle of a move. 


9. Get help with reconnecting - Another great service to consider is a reconnecting service like connectnow which connects your phone, internet, gas and electricity at your new place on your behalf. This can be a huge time saver! 


10. Make it an adventure - Finally, turn your interstate move into a road trip! If you plan on driving, stop along the way to take in some of the sights. Book your accommodation in advance, pack overnight bags for everyone, set a budget for meals out and take your time. The journey to your new home should be exciting and this is a great way to reconnect and recharge on the open road before starting your next chapter.



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Packing Tips and Tricks for an Interstate Move

  • Make a packing plan - Make a checklist of rooms and items to pack, and plan a packing schedule to stay organised. If you love a good colour-coding system, assign a specific colour to each room and label boxes with corresponding coloured stickers. 

  • Take Inventory - Keep a detailed inventory of your packed boxes to make sure nothing gets lost during the move.

  • Declutter as you go - Sort through your belongings and donate, sell, or discard items you no longer need or use. This reduces the amount of stuff you need to pack and unpack. 

  • Clean as you Pack - Dust down your items before putting them into boxes

  • Pack boxes by room - and label clearly - to make the unloading easier. 

  • Set up a designated ‘packing’ area of the house to avoid feeling cluttered and chaotic during the packing process. 

  • Pack Heavy Items in Small Boxes - Use smaller boxes for heavy items like books and dishes to prevent them from becoming too heavy to lift.

  • Pack Clothes Strategically - Keep clothes on hangers and use wardrobe boxes for easier transportation. Use vacuum-sealed bags to save space for seasonal clothing.

  • Fill empty spaces in boxes with soft items like towels or linens to prevent items from shifting during transit.


How To Choose an Interstate Removalist - Best Rated Transport


Most people looking to move will base their decision on which long distance movers to go with on the following criteria:


  • Price

  • Credibility 

  • Availability

  • Reviews and Ratings

  • Customer Support 


One of the best things about Best Rated Transport is that we’ve done this research for you and only offer free interstate removalists quotes from trusted transporters that have passed our very strict 7-point comparison plan.



We have personally helped 15,000 people move over the past 15 years and one of the things that sets us apart is our support throughout the process.

Real experience and passion for the transport industry is what drives us. Responsibility and integrity guide us. 


How can I avoid a dodgy removalist?


One of the things you may find about interstate removalists is that there are A LOT of them. In fact, there are over 8,000 operators in Australia! The responsibility of a removalist is massive but there are no requirements in terms of insurance or accreditation which means anyone with an ABN and a truck can be considered a removalist. 


While there are many companies out there that don’t have the credibility you’re hoping for, there are many that do. How do you know which ones are accredited, which ones come with insurance and which ones can safely transport your things?


This is where Best Rated Transport comes in. Best Rated Transport can help you find a mover. All of our professional interstate removalists have passed a 7-point comparison which means we know they are accredited, have insurance and are generally really great people. 


We guarantee not only the best rate for long distance movers but peace of mind too.


We also recommend you check review ratings. However, be warned - companies with hundreds of perfect reviews could be faked. Another way to ensure a reliable removalist is to remember that the cheapest isn’t always the best. Our platform will help you find the best removalists for your move, based not only on price, but also reliability. 


Why Best Rated Transport

At Best Rated Transport, we pride ourselves on connecting our customers with top-rated removalists who offer exceptional service, competitive pricing, and peace of mind throughout the moving process.


Here's what you can expect from us:


  • Personalised Service

  • All Transport, Anywhere

  • Trusted Partners

  • Transparent Quotes

  • Expert Guidance

  • Best Rates, Best Service, Best Move Ever

  •  Regardless of how you decide to move, we are here to help every step of the way. 

Moving to Queensland: QLD Interstate Removalists

Did you know that Best Rated Transport is based in Queensland? While we help people move across the country, we especially love helping those making the move to the sunny state! 


Our booking platform allows you to compare Queensland interstate removalists and get instant quotes within 200km of any major city. If you are looking to relocate to a regional city, we can also assist with customised quotes. 


What are the fastest-growing cities in Queensland?


According to propertyology, the fastest growing cities in Queensland in terms of property growth are: 

  • Sunshine Coast

  • Gold Coast

  • Livingstone (northeast of Rockhampton)

  • The Fraser Coast 

  • Brisbane 

  • Lockyer Valley

  • Cairns

  • Gympie

  • Somerset

  • Scenic Rim

  • The Whitsundays 


If you are considering a move to Queensland and would like assistance with finding your dream home or investment property, we recommend contacting a Buyer’s Agent in your area. 

In Cairns and Port Douglas: FNQ Buyer’s Agent

In Gold Coast: Gold Coast Property Buyers


Moving to Victoria: VIC Interstate Removalists

If you are making the journey to Victoria, whether to Melbourne or to regional Victoria, you’ll be spoiled for choice! There’s so much to love about living in this part of Australia and there are several Victoria interstate removalists that can assist you getting there. 


If you are moving to a big city (or within 200km), you can access instant quotes through Best Rated Transport. If you are moving to regional or remote Victoria, we can also assist you with finding the most suitable interstate removalists for your move. 


What are the fastest growing cities in Victoria? 



According to propertyology, the fastest growing cities in Victoria in terms of property growth are: 

  • Surf Coast (Lorne and Torquay) 

  • Mitchell

  • Baw Baw

  • Golden Plains

  • Bass Coast

  • Moorabool

  • Geelong

  • Melbourne

  • Ballarat



Moving to New South Wales: NSW Interstate Removalists

Australia’s oldest state, New South Wales, is also home to some of the most iconic Aussie landmarks and landscapes including the Opera House and the stunning Blue Mountains. Sydney currently has the largest population of any Australian city but there are plenty of regional towns in New South Wales that many are choosing to move to. 


To make your move to New South Wales as smooth as possible, be sure to compare New South Wales interstate removalists. Best Rated Transport has a network of long distance movers who can assist you with your move, whether to the city or remote New South Wales. 


What are the fastest growing cities in New South Wales?


Byron Bay continues to attract the celebrities but the top four fastest-growing cities in New South Wales are: 


  • Maitland

  • Cessnock

  • Sydney

  • Newcastle

  • Marsden Park/Shanes Park

  • Box Hill/Nelson


Moving to South Australia: SA Interstate Removalists

South Australia has it all - lovely weather, low population density, ease of travel, affordable lifestyle and an abundance of cultural and leisure activities. We see a lot of families as well as retirees leave the larger states for the greener pastures and lovely beach towns of South Australia. 


Adelaide and Greater Adelaide are popular choices for people moving to South Australia but we also help those looking to escape the city lifestyle and call Victor Harbour, the Barossa Valley or Port Augusta their new home. 


What are the fastest growing cities in South Australia?


According to propertyology, there are just two cities in South Australia that are among the fastest-growing cities in Australia based on property growth. These are:


  • Mount Barker

  • Alexandrina

  • Adelaide


Moving to Western Australia: WA Interstate Removalists

The west coast of Australia is one of the most peaceful and picturesque places to call home. In fact, Perth is considered one of the most livable cities in the world, but there are plenty of other regional towns in Western Australia that provide affordable housing, stunning landscapes and plenty of opportunities. Get your best rate on moving to Western Australia with Best Rated Transport. 

What are the fastest growing cities in Western Australia?

According to propertyology, the fastest growing cities in Victoria in terms of property growth are: 


  • Mandurah

  • Brusselton

  • Harvey

  • Perth

  • Karratha


Regional and Remote Interstate Moving

When you are moving regionally, either from a larger city, to a larger city, or from/to another remote location, there’s a lot more to organise than your typical big city to city move. One of the things you may find is that many interstate removalists don’t service your specific area. 


Regional moves require longer drives in most instances and more complex routes in others. Because of this you could be looking at more costs. However, it doesn’t have to be this way.


Best Rated Transport specialise in connecting regional and remote Australia to trusted carriers. Our instant quote service allows you to compare interstate removalists quotes, even to and from regional Queensland. If there is no instant quote available, we will find you the best rate personally. 



In many cases, when moving to a remote area, you may opt for a DIY move or self-pack, where you pack your own container and only pay for the transit cost. This is one of the more budget-friendly ways to move to regional or remote Australia and something Best Rated Transport can certainly help organise for you! 


To Find a Mover, Air tasker, Compare Quotes or reMuval or the team at Best Rated Transport? A platform built from years of experience and thousands of moves, I know who I would choose - Best Rated Transport.

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