Making a Long Distance Move: 6 Road Trip Tips When Moving Interstate

by Jenna May 10, 2024

Planning a long distance move? Check out Best Rated Transport's top tips for long distance road trips.

When making a cross country move, many families and movers will look at driving the distance to their new destination. You may wish to 'follow' your moving truck or you may wish to take the time to explore off the beaten track en route.

Whatever the case, driving for a long period of time can be incredibly tedious and exhausting. Add a couple kids to the mix and you'll probably be reaching for the Red Bull or Ibuprofen before you even hit your first stop. 

So how can you make your cross country move fun for all? Check out Best Rated Transport's top road trip tips when making a long distance move.

Tips for Making a Long Distance Move 

1. Gather your Long Distance Moving Materials 

This will include documentation (driver's license, insurance, car manual) as well as an emergency roadside kit, spare tyre, jumper leads and a first aid kit for the car, just in case.

You may also want to include an esky with drinks and snacks to keep in the back as well as several activities to keep the kids occupied. 

To keep your car (and the kids) as clean as possible during the drive, make sure you also have wet wipes or paper towel, rubbish bags and hand sanitiser. 

You will also need to keep everyone comfortable - ensure you have blankets, pillows, stuffed animals and devices charged and ready to go. 

2. Make Snack Packs

This is my number one road trip tip when doing any long distance move, especially with kids. Ensure you have plenty of snacks for the road that aren't terribly messy. This should include:

  • Bottled water or poppers
  • Granola or muesli bars
  • Chopped fruit and veggies
  • Sandwiches or wraps 
  • Yoghurt pouches 
  • Sealable bags for leftovers

3. Bring along a Bag of Every Day Needs

When living out of a suitcase for a few days, you need to be as organised as possible. There won't be a need to unpack at each motel or stop so use ziplocked bags to store the everyday items such as toiletrees, medications, toothpaste and toothbrushes and sunscreen. Make sure everyone has a few changes of clothing and pajamas for the nights. 

4. Plan your Daily Route in Advance

Decide how many hours of driving you can handle a day, what must-stops you'd like to make and create a route ahead of time. Be sure to check if there are any traffic delays or roadworks and book your hotel/motel in advance to avoid feeling stressed about not being able to find suitable accomodation. 

5. Set a Budget

When preparing for a long distance move, many families will find it is cheaper to drive their own car rather than flying, which is most certainly the more convienent option. If you are planning on flying, you'll need to consider a car transport company to move your car. 

However, when driving, there are additional costs many don't consider. This includes:

  • Fuel - This is a big one!
  • Snacks for the kids everytime you stop for fuel. Because you cannot possibly get fuel without buying them each a chocolate bar
  • Accomodation - motels, hotels or caravan parks
  • Extra insurance if you are planning on splitting the driving with someone who isn't registered on insurance
  • Activities - if you are stopping along the way to do a few things or see a few sites, you may need to factor in costs for these activities such as entry fees. 

6. Prepare your car

Your vehicle is about to take on some serious kilometres and the last thing you want is a breakdown halfway through your long distance move. Make sure to get your car serviced before you go. 

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