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by DCODE Admin Jun 20, 2022

Moving house in Australia does not have to be expensive, lengthy or stressful especially moving interstate.

Moving house in Australia does not have to be expensive, lengthy or stressful especially moving interstate.

However, Moving to a new home makes us feel nervous and excited about the new beginning. Relocation is not only about moving to another residence but also a matter of cost. Best rated transport allows you to choose on many factors one being price and helps you compare apples with apple. Budgets are important therefore we add more importance to not only finding great rates but also selecting from quality operators. We have some good tips to reduce the cost of an interstate relocation:

Use Recycled Boxes Instead of New Ones

To reduce the cost of moving interstate, the first step to take is find low cost packing materials. This is one of the easiest ways to reduce moving costs up front. For example, recycled boxes are cheaper than the new ones and also help the environment. Most people purchase many new sturdy boxes and then throw them away. But these boxes can be reused again. A good quality box can be purchased second hand and cost half the price. You can located these at online box shops, online community groups and even garage sales.

Pack it Yourself!

Save time by packing your own boxes.  Furniture removalists can quote you to pack however this comes at an extra cost. This can save you a lot of money depending on the size of your move. If you are on a budget, there is no need to be tempted to call the experts when you can do the packing yourself. You’ll just require some helpful tips for packing and best rated transport are experts in the moving field and have moved over 1,088 happy customers around Australia.  Researching online can provide tips too! Particular with glass wear, you don’t want to lay them on their side. There is plenty of advice to help you proceed in the right direction, thus relieving tension and stress. You can hire professional packers such as packing fragile items as they require expertise and skill.

Try to Dismantle and Reassemble Things Yourself

Dismantling furniture can be an annoyance to your moving day. Dismantling and reassembling requires patience and energy. If you are able to dismantle furniture yourself, it will save you a lot of unnecessary expense. However, if you believe that time is money and saving your time is the wiser option, you can always contact interstate furniture movers.

Don't Pack Items You Don't Need

Relocation is the perfect opportunity to declutter your home. During the packing preparation, you may come across many items you don't need or use. Decluttering will ensure a fresh start and reduce the amount to transport. The more belonging you have, the more space required in the truck, therefore in most cases decluttering and saving space will save you money. However the volume of boxes, if you need transport, visit our website for the best interstate freight quotes.

Moving Interstate?

No matter how far, either interstate or long distance, our database has a quality driver in every corner of the country.

COVID-19 UPDATE Our drivers can still access all States but there are public restrictions with access to WA. Domestic interstate moves are still possible for: QLD / NSW / VIC / SA / NT / TAS

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