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Moving to Rockhampton?

Rocky Moving Guide


Dive into life in the Beef Capital of Australia. Nestled on the sunny shores of Queensland, Rockhampton is more than just a city; it's a vibrant community where country charm meets city convenience.


Expect sunny skies, soothing sounds of the Fitzroy River and a laid-back Queensland vibe. So, get ready to embrace the warmth, the culture, and the adventure with a move to Rocky. Moving here isn't just a change of scenery; it's an opportunity to live life to the fullest in one of Queensland's most inviting cities


Rockhampton moving costs

How Much Does it Cost to Relocate to Rockhampton? 


Rockhampton is located on the East Coast meaning it's actually quite accessible. There are trucks going down the coast daily so backloads are a good option when moving to or from Rockhampton. Our goal at Best Rated Transport is to ensure you find the best rate for your move, whether through a backload, container transport or full-service removalists. 


So how much does it cost to move to Rockhampton? 


Generally speaking, to move to or from Rocky you’re looking at around $120 to $250 per cubic metre. 


A large house move is typically around 40m3 to 65m3 while a 3 bedroom house is typically 25m3 to 40m3. An apartment is around 10m3 to 20m3 but again, this all depends on your contents. 


You could be looking at:


10m3 - $1,200 to $2,500

20m3 - $2,400 to $5,000

30m3 - $3,600 to $7,500

40m3 - $4,800 to $10,000



However, there are other factors involved when calculating moving costs including flights or fuel if driving, accomodation along the way and packing supplies. 


How Long Does it Take to Drive or Fly to Rockhampton from Major Cities? 

Below are some of the most common distances: 


Melbourne to Rockhampton: It takes around 18-19 to drive from Melbourne to Rocky. There are no direct flights to Melbourne to Rocky so you'll have to fly via Sydney or Brisbane and it can take 3.5 to 4.5 hours.  


Sydney to Rockhampton:  It takes around 16 hours driving time from Sydney to Rocky or 3 hours and 25 minutes to fly. 


Central Coast to Rockhampton:  It takes around 10 hours driving time from Central Coast to Rocky or 3-4 hours to fly with connecting flights. 


Adelaide to Rockhampton:  It takes around 21 hours driving time to get from Radelaide to Rocky or 4-5 hours of flying with connecting flights. 


Perth to Rockhampton: There is no straight route from Perth to Rockhampton but you can take the scenic route. It will take you 47 hours. Flying time is around 5-6 hours with connecting flights. 


Cairns to Rockhampton:  It takes around 8-9 hours driving time from Cairns to Rockhampton and there are no direct flights. You can fly to Townsville or Brisbane and take a connecting flight there.  


Can Best Rated Transport Handle My Move to Rockhampton?

100% we can!  We are a QLD owned and operated company and started out in Rockhampton many moons ago! We work with trusted transporters across Australia that go everywhere and we can safely and securely transport your goods to or from Rocky and beyond. 

We can also assist with any regional and remote moves in Queensland including Mount Isa, Bowen, Gladstone and Cannonvale.  


Our goal at Best Rated Transport is to ensure our customers have a stress-free moving experience. Our online platform allows you to compare trusted removalists and moving companies to find the best rate for your move. Give the team at Best Rated Transport a call and we’ll help ensure this move is your smoothest one yet. 


Let's Move for Less: Budget Moves Rockhampton

There are two main things to consider when moving. First is time. Second is money. For those who are time-poor and happy to spend a bit more for the full-service (loading, unloading, etc) then we recommend a Rockhampton removalist.


For those who are on a budget and happy to do a bit of heavy lifting to save, we suggest a self-pack move through container transport or container hire.


Compare BOTH options with Best Rated Transport and see which one works best for you and your moving needs.


Rockhampton Removalists: Full Service Moves

The most popular option for moving, especially if you are moving interstate or long distance, is to hire a professional removalist to assist you with your move. 


Removalists are also known as house movers and furniture movers and, essentially do the heavy lifting for you. This is also known as a full-service move. They will pack your contents into a truck for you and then transport your item to your new location. They will also unload your furniture and other items so you don’t have to worry about any of that.


If you are after the easiest and less stressful way to move, this is by far your best option.


You don’t need to worry about insurance, fuel costs, unloading and loading your goods and transporting your items. This is all done for you. 


Backloading - Affordable Rockhampton Moves 


Backloading is another removalist option and is the most affordable option if you are looking to hire house movers. Backloading is when you book available truck space on a large interstate removalist truck that already has a primary load. 


You may not need to book the entire truck for your move and thus, with backloading, you only pay for the space that you need. 


With a backload removalist, you will still receive the same services as a house mover - loading and unloading and transport. You also don’t have to worry about insurance or fuel costs.


Container Transport (Self-Pack) 


Container transport is another smart option when it comes to big moves. These are also known as self-pack moves as you will be unloading and loading your contents into a container. Then a carrier will transport the container from your house to your new location. 


If you have your own container, you can pay for “transit only” which means a carrier will move your container from your house to your new location. You will need to pack the container yourself and unload it at your new home, but you don’t have to worry about getting the container onto a truck or finding a way to move it. 


If you don’t have a container, you can hire one which involves the same as above, but you will be given a container for 28 days. You then load it up and arrange for pick up and delivery. You can then unload it at your new location before the container is picked up. 


Container transport is generally done by either rail or road depending on the distance. While container transport isn't always cheaper than using a professional removalist, it is with some long distance moves. 


Like hiring professional furniture removalists, you don't have to worry about making the drive yourself and containers can carry furniture as well as vehicles (be sure to request this). This is definitely a plus for anyone looking to bypass the long distance drive and just fly to their new home. Like removalists, you also don’t have to worry about insurance or fuel costs. 


What about car transport to Rockhampton?


We can most certainly help you with that! Our network of transporters can move furniture, vehicles, boats, caravans and heavy machinery. Whatever you’re bringing to Rocky, we can help get it there! 



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