Moving Home in 2023

by Katie BRT Manager Feb 23, 2023

Helping you move home in 2023.

Moving Home in 2023 is going to look a little different.

Moving can be a stressful process in itself. But, when you plan a move post-COVID19 lockdowns and during a time where inflation is causing havoc... a move becomes more than a few days of transporting your belongings.  It becomes a process that involves finances, cleanliness, transport, and more.

Some factors are beyond our control, but with a lot of preparation and guidance, all uncertainties are able to managed.

From the packaging to the planning and everything in between, we have deciphered everything you need to know about moving in 2023. Making your next move as effortless as possible.


Create a Moving Home Budget

Creating a budget should be the first thing on your moving to-do list.

Make sure to create a detailed budget for your move and the costs associated with getting all of your belongings from your old home to your new one. Moving costs can vary widely depending on the size of your home and the distance you’re moving, so it’s important to prepare for all possibilities before committing to any service provider or transport company. Make sure you include all costs associated with the move such as packing materials, rental trucks or moving vans, transportation of your goods, and storage fees if necessary.

There's online tools, such as the Best Rated Transport Quote Tool, that can help you with finding the most cost-effective options for you when it comes to transport, packing and moving.


Do Your Research

Budgeting and researching go hand-in-hand when it comes to a successful move. Given the  varying pandemic rules and regulations that have recently come into place, it is likely that there are different types of moving services available in your area. Some offer services ranging from full-service movers to do-it-yourself options. These include rental trucks or vans. Consider which type of service would work best for you based on cost and convenience, and select your transport options from there.

It is also imperative to research and compare quotes from multiple providers before committing to any one company. Once you have researched potential movers, get quotes from at least three different companies before deciding who to hire. The key will be in the detail, as you see which companies offer the best service and cost.  They will also provide leverage when negotiating rates with each company. Again, this is another reason to use the Best Rated Transport Quote tool to gain quotes and specific fee information.

Part of researching and prepping for your big move is to be sure that the transporter has experience moving items similar to those that you need transported.  Things like furniture require special care compared to smaller packages like books or electronics, so don’t hesitate to ask questions when evaluating each provider’s capabilities. It's also absolutely imperative to confirm that the  company you have hired has the adequate insurance coverage to complete your move. Adequate insurance cover will provide you with peace of mind when it comes to possible damaged goods during transport.


Plan, Plan, Plan

The  most practical way to ensure that your move is both successful and efficient is to get organised early. Book your mover/ transport company as early as possible in order to secure the best rate and availability for the dates you wish to move. It's not uncommon for popular movers to be booked out several months in advance during peak periods like summertime or end-of-year holidays. Plan ahead wherever possible. This includes being prepared when it comes to sanitiser and face masks (if and when required) as well as ensuring that all goods are pre-packaged and boxed if this is the option that you're choosing.


Moving can be an overwhelming process but by preparing ahead of time and understanding all of your options, it doesn’t have to be! Follow these tips when creating a budget and selecting a moving service provider this year - they will help ensure that your next move is as effortless as possible.

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