What is Backloading? Cheapest Way to Move Interstate

by Jenna Jul 05, 2024

Discover the best kept secret in moving interstate - backloading! Find out why it's often the cheapest way to move interstate and compare backload transport companies.

What is backloading? And is it a good choice for your next move? Best Rated Transport specialise in connecting backload transport to families looking for this options. Backload transport moves can save you thousands!

Here's how backloading works, why it's considering the cheapest way to move interstate and why you should always compare backload transport quotes as part of your moving checklist. 

Backloading is a moving option where you items are loaded onto a truck that already has a load on it. The truck will generally not be returning back to the original destination and thus, the mover only needs to pay for the space your items take up and the cost to go just one direction. 

It's by far the cheapest way to move interstate and a really smart option if you are looking to move interstate. Even if you have a big move ahead of you, backloading may still be your best option. Make sure you compare backload transport quotes with Best Rated Transport to determine if this is your best bet. 

Why is Backloading the Cheapest Way to Move Interstate? 

When moving interstate and using removalists, you generally will pay by the cubic metre. The more stuff you have, the more you will need to pay. A truck may be able to carry 40 cubic metres, but you only have 20 cubic metres to move. So why pay for the extra 40 cubic metres? 

With backload moves, you don't have to. Backloading ensures you only pay for the space you need. 

Backloading is ideal for interstate and long distance moves, especially if you don't have a set date. If you are willing to be flexible with your dates, even by just a few days or a week, then you will have a better chance to finding a removalist that can offer you this cheap way to move.

At Best Rated Transport, we only work with trusted backload operators so you can rest assured that your items are in good hands throughout the journey. When you compare removalist quotes, we can automatically look into backload transport options for you. 

Backloading FAQ

Could my stuff get mixed up with someone else's?

In some instances, that can happen but only if you are working with a removalist who hasn't taken the care to ensure it won't happen. At Best Rated Transport, our backload transport operators are all accredited, experienced and reliable and have several processes in place to ensure this won't happen. 

Do I need to load and unload my stuff?

It depends on who you book with. If you book through Best Rated Transport, then no, you won't. We provide up to three trained movers to load and unload your items with due care.

Can I follow the truck? 

We are monitoring our operators and trucks 24/7 and are happy to provide you with updates along the way. Simply give us a call anytime and we will also contact you to keep you updated on where your items are.

Are there other cheap ways to move interstate?

Another option you have if you're looking for a DIY move is a self-pack container move. This works if you have your own shipping container and you simply need it transported from A to B. It is also a cheap moving option if you want to hire a container. You do the packing and unloading but our operators handle the transport. Known as a self-pack, this budget moving option is quickly becoming one of the cheapest ways to move in 2024.

 Best Rated Transport can provide you with self-pack container hire and container transport quotes too. 

How much does it cost to move interstate?

This depends entirely on how much and where you are going. Ready to find out? Simply fill in your details and we will deliver instant quotes from trusted transporters so you can compare backload transport quotes. 

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