What to do with Leftover Moving Boxes (with Pics)

by Katie BRT Manager Jul 09, 2024

Don't throw out your leftover cardboard boxes just yet. We've collected some of the most creative ideas of what to do with leftover moving boxes, perfect for families with kids!

Congratulations, you’ve finished your move! And now you’re left with a garage full of moving boxes. Most families will use at least 30-60 boxes when they move. That’s a lot of leftover moving boxes! 

You can look at giving them away or selling them, or you can recycle them. OR… you can reuse them around the house. We have gathered some of the cutest things to do with leftover moving boxes, perfect for creative kiddies! 

So, let’s get started - here’s what you can do with leftover moving boxes. 

Creative Ideas for Kids - What to Do with Leftover Moving Boxes

1. Forts and Castles

Who doesn't love a moving box fort? Sure, they take some time to make, but kids LOVE them!

Moving Box Fort


2. Dollhouse or Playhouse 

Another popular choice of what to do with leftover cardboard boxes is to craft a dollhouse or playhouse for your child's little friends. You can also craft furniture out of cardboard. It doesn't have to be fancy though and your little one may enjoy decorating the playhouse themselves. 

 DIY cardboard box dollhouse

3. Box Cars (and other vehicles) 

This is a lot easier than it looks and will bring hours of fun for the kids! You don't have to settle just for cars either. You can make pretty much any mode of transportation out of leftover moving boxes, including trains, rocket ships, pirate ships, boats, etc. 

 Cardboard box cars

4. Art Easel (and other creative outlets)

This one is perfect for budding artists! You can also use leftover moving boxes as their own canvases, letting your kids draw, paint or get creative in any way they like. What we love about this project is that it can keep the children occupied while you focus on getting the new house organised. 

 DIY cardboard box art easel


5. Cardboard Box Maze

This one most likely won't last forever but if you have the space either inside or outside, you can craft up an epic maze for the kids to try and escape. I've seen these take over living rooms as well which is fun for the kids, but probably not something you'll want to keep as a permanent fixture in your new, clean and decluttered home. 

 Cardboard box maze

6. Toy Car Parking Garage

You can craft all sorts of cool things out of leftover moving boxes including these fun cardboard box parking garages, perfect for toy cars, trains and more. 

 Cardboard box cars

7. Birdcage

Make friends with the local birds in your new neighbourhood by crafting them a birdcage out of leftover moving boxes. 

leftover moving box crafts

8. Creative and Imaginary Play

There are so many things you can craft out of leftover moving boxes. For pretend play, think outside the box with stoves, ovens, fridges and even wheelbarrows.

Other imaginary play ideas include a washing machine, musical instruments, a puppet show and even a mailbox. 

Cardboard Box Crafts

9. Market Stall

We love the idea of a cafe or market stall - these can be quite expensive to buy but you can easily make one out of leftover cardboard boxes! So clever.  

10. Marble Racers

Another easy cardboard box craft is a marble racer or car racer, which, again, can be made with leftover moving boxes. 

Cardboard Box Marble Racer

11. Bookcase

Another cute option is to craft a bookcase out of leftover moving boxes. Or, simply set up a box on the floor, fill it with toys and let the kids decide what they would like to do with it. 

There's nothing better for the imagination than an empty box! 

Even More Ideas of What to Do with Leftover Moving Boxes - Around the House

If you’d prefer to use your leftover cardboard boxes for storage around the house, you can also look at using your cardboard boxes as: 

DIY Plant Boxes - Start a garden. Boxes made of cardboard are much lighter than clay, ceramic, or concrete pots. Since the boxes decompose, they can be placed directly in the soil. 

Gift Boxes - Smaller moving boxes may be able to be used as gift boxes for Christmas or Birthdays. 

Drawer Dividers - Cut unused cardboard boxes into little squares to use as an easy way to organise your drawers. 

Stuffed animal and toy storage - Cardboard boxes are great for storing larger items in the house including stuffed animals, cars and trucks. You can also use cardboard boxes to store items you may not use regularly such as Christmas decorations or heavy wooly winter blankets. 

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