Downsizing Tips: How to Downsize Your Home Before a Move

by Jenna Jun 07, 2024

Ready to leave your large nest and start fresh in a smaller home or community? Best Rated Transport shares their top downsizing tips on how to declutter and prepare to downsize.

Moving a lifetime of treasures is not an easy task but there comes a time when everyone will make the move from their family home to something slightly cosier and more accomodating. Once the kids have flown the nest, you may decide you don't need all of those extra bedrooms to clean and keep tidy. You may not need a big backyard that requires constant mowing and you may find that there's a lot of space in your house that simply isn't being occupied. 

If you've decided it's time to downsize, congratulations! A whole new lifestyle awaits and one that hopefully doesn't require as much home maintenance! When the time comes to move, give the team at Best Rated Transport a call. We can provide you with instant quotes and walk you through the entire moving process, including assisting you with taking inventory and ensuring you are using the right removalist for your specific move. 

In the meantime, have a read of our top downsizing tips when starting this exciting chapter.

Downsizing Tips from Best Rated Transport

Start by taking inventory of everything 

When your are downsizing, you will inevitably need to get rid of some of your things. You may not require a fridge for outside and inside and you may not need three extra beds anymore. Your first step is to take an inventory of all your belongings and decide what items will not make the move with you. Go room by room and make a list of what's coming and what's not. This will include larger items as well as plenty of smaller items.

Get your kids involved

You most likely have a room full of items from the kids that may not need to come with you. Ask them to come over and decide what items they would like to keep themselves and what items they are happy to throw away or sell. My parents still have boxes and boxes of items from my childhood including journals, math exercise books and old photo albums that are just collecting dust. While some adult kids may want to hold onto these items, others (like myself) are more than happy to say goodbye to these treasures for good. 

Do I keep it or bin it?

When you come to something that you're not sure about, ask yourself this - have you used it in the last year? If not, you probably won't need it. Another question to ask yourself is, do I have duplicates of this item? If so, then only one needs to come. 

Have a look at our guide on what to keep, what to bin, what to sell and what to donate. 

Measure Furniture as you go

Another thing to do is take measurements of your bigger items to ensure that they will fit on your new home. Moving a large sectional couch across the state only to discover it doesn't fit in your new living room can be frustrating. Measure items like couches, shelving systems, fridges and TV cabinets. 

Take the opportunity to buy new

Moving is the perfect time to upgrade some of your out-of-date items. But hold off on buying anything until you've arrived at your new house and can check if the item will fit. 

Do short bursts of packing 

Taking inventory and packing your house is a big big job! It can take weeks, in fact. In addition to packing, you will probably also need to take trips to the dump and potentially host a garage sale to try and sell some of your slightly used items. Our top downsizing tip is to take things slow and do it in short bursts. Set aside 30 minutes a day to tackle one area. 

Get help if you need

Moving requires a fair bit of heavy lifting, especially if you are moving to an apartment with stairs. Even lifting and packing boxes and dismantling furniture can be tiring. If you have family that can help, ask them to come around and give you a hand. If not, there are professional services that can assist you with both packing and furniture dismantling/reassembling. There are also services to assist with disconnecting and reconnecting your utilities if you'd prefer not to worry about this. 

Opt for a personalised moving service

Every move is different and, unless you know the moving industry well, they can also be quite complex. Best Rated Transport would love to assist you with your downsize. We can help you book a removalist, ensure you have taken your inventory accurately and even assist with car and caravan transport. Give the team at Best Rated Transport a call - we are happy to have a chat about your journey ahead. You can also fill out the form and we can contact you or request instant quotes through our online booking platform. 




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