House Moving Costs: How Much Does it Cost to Move?

by Jenna May 13, 2024

You've bought a new house. Now it's time to work out how much it will cost to move into it. Here is a rundown on house moving costs and what you can expect when moving interstate.

Fun Fact: The average person will move 11.7 times in their life. That's a lot of packing boxes! If you are planning a move, you'll want to know about house moving costs. How much will it cost for moving supplies, house movers or interstate car transport. How can you get your stuff from A to B for the most affordable rate?

Best Rated Transport's Instant Quote service can provide you with several quotes on house moving costs. We work with only the best rated removalists and house movers across Australia. Whether you're looking for house movers in Cairns, house movers in Brisbane, house movers in Melbourne or anywhere else in Australia, start your search with Best Rated Transport. 

Below is a general guideline on what you can expect when it comes to house moving costs: 

What Factors Affect House Moving Costs? 

Volume of Goods: This is measured in cubic meters (m3) and helps give house movers an idea of how much stuff you will be moving to ensure they use the right sized transport. 

Distance: In general, the longer the move, it more it will cost because of the fuel and time involved. But this isn't always the case and many house movers will have specials or deals to certain areas. 

Type of dwelling: If there are tricky stairs involved, then the cost to move may increase. This is also the case if the dwelling is located a lengthy walk away from where the moving truck can park. Our instant quote service can automatically update these details for you. 

Packing supplies: You'll most likely need to supply your own boxes as well as items like packing tape and bubble wrap. Many interstate removalists will include blankets and protective wear as part of their quote. 

Demand: During peak moving seasons, you may be looking at higher house moving costs. 

Average Interstate House Moving Costs

Interstate removalists work by cubic meter. A studio apartment is generally around 10m3 while a 2 bedroom house is generally around 20m3. A 3 bedroom house can be around 25m3 to 40m3 and a 4 bedroom house anywhere from 41m3 to 65m3. 

Best Rated Transport's removalists costs include 2 men, the truck, the fuel, the protective wear and insurance so basically you only need to worry about one cost. 

Interstate house moving costs will vary but, in general, you can expect to pay an average: 

  • Moving Costs Melbourne to Brisbane - $120 to $180m3
  • Moving Costs Brisbane to Cairns - $120 to $180m3
  • Moving Costs Cairns to Brisbane - $100 to $150m3
  • Moving Costs Cairns to Melbourne - $150 to $250m3
  • Moving Costs Melbourne to Gold Coast - $140 - $170m3

Other costs to consider include:

  • Packing supplies 
  • Furniture dismantling (if you don't want to do it yourself)
  • Storage unit fees if you are putting some items into storage

4 Tips for Comparing House Moving Costs 

  1. Start looking into an interstate removalists at least six weeks in advance and book your moving company at least three weeks in advance.
  2. Have a general idea of what you need to move. If you know the cubic meterage, this is very helpful but if not, our instant quote guide can help you work this out.
  3. Use a reliable house moving quote comparison platform like Best Rated Transport. 
  4. Check reviews to ensure the transport's credibility. Another good thing about booking with Best Rated Transport is that all of the interstate removalists and transport companies have passed our strigent 7-point comparison so you can rest assured knowing your stuff is in good hands. 


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