Moving Interstate Made Easy: Moving Interstate Checklist

by Jenna May 02, 2024

Not sure where to begin when moving interstate? We've made it easy for you with our moving interstate checklist.

Are you planning an interstate move?? Exciting times ahead!! But, of course, when moving interstate, you'll also be met with plenty of costs, questions and inevitable stress. At Best Rated Transport we aim to make your move as stressfree and as affordable as possible with our instant quotes services. You can compare moving costs across several transport companies in a matter of minutes, making this part of the moving interstate process as seamless as possible. 

But what about the rest of it? Behold our handy moving checklist on everything you need to consider and do when moving interstate. Good luck! 

The Planning Process 

The planning process is probably the most important when moving interstate. This not only involves finding a new place to call home, but researching this location. It also involves researching interstate removalists to find the one best suited to you. 

Be sure to: 

    • Research moving companies or rental trucks for interstate moves. Consider customer reviews, costs and timing. Don't forget to use the Best Rated Transport Quote comparison tool to to help compare interstate removalists in minutes. 
    • Create a timeline for tasks leading up to the move.
    • Notify relevant parties like landlords, employers, schools, and utility companies about your move.

Packing like a Pro

Some people love to pack. Most people hate it. The first step when packing is to declutter.

      • Sort through belongings and decide what to keep, donate, sell, or discard. 
      • Organize important documents such as IDs, passports, medical records, and financial records. 
      • Gather packing supplies such as boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and markers.
      • Pack items room by room, labeling boxes with contents and destination room.
      • Pack a separate "essentials" box with items you'll need immediately upon arrival.

PRO TIP: Packing and decluttering is a long process and it can take days. We suggest setting out a specific "packing zone" in your house where you can keep boxes, moving supplies and general clutter. This contains the chaos to one specific area and makes your home more liveable, even while going through a move. 

Make a lot of phone calls

You'll need to spend a fair bit of time on the phone containing your current companies and swapping over. This may also be a good time to compare utility services to see if you can get a better rate. Make a cuppa and settle in. Here's who you need to call: 

    • Electricity
    • Water
    • Gas
    • Internet and phone
    • Post office
    • Department of Transport 
    • Credit Card companies
    • Insurance providers
  • You may also need to cancel subscriptions and memberships such as gym memberships. 

Getting there

How will you get from A to B? In most instances, you will use interstate removalists to get your goods to your new home. You may also need interstate car transport or interstate boat transport. But what about you? Will you be driving or flying?

    • If driving, plan your route and accommodations for overnight stops if necessary. Make sure you take plenty of stops and check the sights along the way. 
    • You will also need to consider transportation and any necessary documentation for pets. One other thing- your house plants!

The final countdown  

      • Clean your current residence thoroughly.
      • Take photos of the condition of your old home for reference.
      • Double-check all arrangements and reservations for the move.
      • Conduct a final walkthrough of your old home to ensure nothing is left behind.

 When you arrive at your new home, try not to do too much at once. Take your time unpacking and ensure you spend time outdoors daily. Take some time to explore your new city or town and get to know your surroundings and don't get too caught up on making sure your house is in perfect order. That will come. 

Moving interstate? Compare interstate removalists with us! 

Best Rated Transport has helped thousands of people when moving interstate. We are dedicated to ensuring our customers are able to make an informed decision based on their precise needs and ditch the stress that often comes with an interstate move.


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