32 Hilarious and Cheeky Australian City Names

by Jenna Jul 04, 2024

Yes, these are real places! Check out these hilarious Australian city names

Part of the fun of moving to a new city is exploring the nearby towns and areas. Check out these hilarious names of towns, located across Australia and sure to give you a giggle. 

1. Nowhere Else

Nowhere Else is a rural town in Tasmania and one of the many hilarious Tasmanian town names. 

2. Humpybong

Located in southeast Queensland, the name Humpybong is derived from the Indigenous word for shelter. 

3. Fannie Bay

Fannie Bay is located outside of Darwin and what's even more hilarious about this town's name is that you have to take Dick Ward Drive to get there. I mean, COME ON!

4. Eggs and Bacon Bay

Another Tassie gem, apparently Eggs and Bacon Bay was named after Lady Jane Franklin's favourite brekkie. Better than Vegemite and Toast Bay. 

5. Boing Boing

The town of Boing Boing in the Northern Territory isn't named after Kangaroos bouncing all over the place. It's Indigenous for “mosquitoes buzzing.”

6. Well It Wasn’t There Last Year

This is actually a name of a cave in South Australia. I know it's not a town, but we couldn't NOT include it. I mean, it wasn't there last year! 

7. Useless Loop

Located near Shark Bay in Western Australia is Useless Loop which sounds like a pointless place to visit.

8. Bullshit Hill

We're not sure what went down on this hill, but it sounds like it was a lot of BS. If you're in South Australia, Bullshit Hill is only a short drive from Peterborough. 

9. Bumcooler Flat

While you're touring around South Australia, head to Lake Alexandrina and you'll find a stretch of land called Bumcooler Flat. Seriously, why? 

10. Mossy Nipple Bend

I swear whoever named these places in Tasmania needs a medal. 

11. Boobs Flat (and Big Bush)

Boobs Flat and Big Bush are both located close to one another in, you guessed it, Tassie! 

12. Stinkhole

Another Tassie classic, Stinkhole is actually a normal-smelling place.

13. Cock Wash Creek

We're not even going to ask how this creek in South Australia was named.. 

14. Pisspot Creek

Or this one, also in Tasmania. 

15. Bogan Place

Ironically, Bogan Place is located in probably the least bogan part of Australia - Canberra

16. Shag Head

Take a guess where Shag Head is? Yep - Tasmania! A visit to Tasmania just to see all of these places might be on the cards! 

17. Mount Blowhard

Located in Queensland, Mount Blowhard is another gem. 

18. Bum Bum Creek

No doubt the butt of many jokes, Bum Bum Creek is located in Queensland. 

19. Dirty Dick Creek

Probably not a creek I'd want to visit... 

20. Licking Hole

A quirky name for a natural rock formation in the Grampians National Park, Victoria, known for its unique water erosion patterns and scenic hiking trails.

21. Lovely Bottom 

Nestled in the idyllic Yarra Valley of Victoria, it's a charming vineyard renowned for its picturesque landscapes and award-winning wines. 

22. Prickly Bottom 

There's nothing Prickly about this beachside cove in Tassie - it's actually a really stunning place. 

23. Boomer's Bottom

What does Boomer's Bottom look like? It's located in Queensland's Daintree region if you want a closer look. 

Now, onto the Knobs (there's a lot of them!)

24. Bald Knob

A peaceful lookout in Queensland, Bald Knob is a popular place with hikers. 

25. Peculiar Knob

Is this Knob extra strange? We don't know. But it's located in South Australia if you want to take a look!

26. Goat Knob

Not even going to ask how they came up with this name which is located in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. 

27. Horse Knob

Where there's Goat knobs, there's Horse knobs but this one is near the Blue Mountains in New South Wales. 

28. Double Knob

What's better than a single knob? A double one of course, located in the Grampians National Park of Victoria. 

29. Quality Knob

Quality Knob mountain is located near Camooweal and it's a quality knob. 

30. Prominent Nob

Is this nob extra obvious? We're not sure but it's located in South Australia is you want to have a look.

31. Yorkeys Knob

Yorkeys Knob is a beach suburb in Cairns and named after a guy name Yorkeys. 

32. Spanker Knob

Spanker Knob is a mountain situated in the state of Victoria near the South Pacific Ocean.

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