Moving During Times of Inflation

by Katie BRT Manager Sep 04, 2022

Best Rated Transport is here to help you plan your next move during times of inflation and high-living expenses.

Making the Right Move when Inflation is High.

Given the current economic times of inflation, it’s possible that your next move could increase in price.

There’s low supply, high demand and everything is becoming far more expensive. It’s important to know that these economic movements are likely to have an impact on your transport costs, moving fees and packaging materials.

Current inflation trends mean that there will be an increase in moving costs, and this increase spans across everything from packaging to hiring removalists and renting trucks.


The good news is that you are aware of it, and you are able to plan for it.


We’ve researched the best ways to plan your next move during a time of inflation to ensure that you aren’t left in the red when moving to another home, business, or state.


Do Your Research


The first thing you need to do to ensure you aren’t overspending throughout your move is to do your research. Even petrol prices impact the cost of moving, as prices soar and travelling is imperative with any move.


Do your research!


Utilise the internet and aim to search for the cheapest and easiest ways for you to move. There are often search engines that can help you with this, or you can use the Best Rated Transport search tool



Identify Peak Times


Just like with traffic, there are peak moving times that see a larger amount of people moving home.


In Australia, people are more likely to move in the summer months. Mainly because children are on school holidays, the roads aren’t as busy and there is less-chance of rain or wild weather.

This ‘peak’ period means that there is an increase in costs when hiring moving services, including removalists, trucks and vans.


One way to avoid these additional costs is to move outside of peak times, if you can. It may be a little busier on the roads, but it won’t be heavier on the hip pocket.



Inflation in 2022.

Identifying the peak moving times will aid in reducing costs.

Budget for Supplies and Services


The world is short. It is short of produce, it is short of staff and, you guessed it, it’s short on packing supplies. This means that you’re going to have to contend with local stores and other organisations who are also on the market for boxes, bubble wrap and packing paper due to a lack of raw materials and resources.


This increase in demand means there’s an increase in costs. So, you need to be able to budget for this as you plan and prep for moving day.


When budgeting, allow for a buffer to cater for the unexpected. This includes the increase in costs for packaging supplies as well as the labour of removalists and trades. This budget will allow for you to make informed decisions and take action in accordance with what you can afford.


Don’t forget to utilise the Best Rated Transport Tools and quote services to identify exactly which removalist or moving company fits into your budget during the current times of inflation.


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