Moving House with Kids: 9 Tips for a Smooth Transition

by Jenna May 02, 2024

Moving is a big deal, especially for the littlest members of the family. Here's how to make the transition positive for everyone, especially the kids.

There are a lot of big emotions and big tasks involved in moving so it’s understandable that your kids may be feeling slightly overwhelmed, apprehensive or downright grumpy about the whole thing. 

We’ve moved countless families across Australia and have put together our top picks for moving house with kids. Keep these moving tips in mind in the upcoming weeks to make moving with kids a stress-free and positive experience for everyone involved. 

1. Let them be Involved

One of the things that can make moving stressful for kids is the fact they don’t feel like they have any control. Keep them updated on the moving process, hold family meetings and check in on everyone to see how everyone feels about the big move. 

You can also get the little ones involved with moving house with kids by letting them pack, create inventories or label boxes, depending on how old they are.

You can also give each child a special pen/marker or their own packing tape to help make them feel included. 

2. Get them Excited

Moving can be overwhelming for everyone, including the little family members. But it’s also really exciting! 

A new house to decorate, a new yard to play in, a new neighbourhood to explore. If you’re within driving distance of your new home, take the kids for a drive/walk around the new area. If not, head to Google Earth and let the kids explore that way. 

Take a look at the parks, activity centres, schools and playgrounds in your area and plan which ones you’d like to explore first. 

3. Ensure you Have a Must-Haves Box

Ask each child to put together a must-have box of their favourite things that come with them in the car (or a must-haves bag if flying to your new destination). This should include comfort items like clothing, special teddies, a night light and anything they want with them. 

4. Make Moving Day Fun 

What’s more exciting than Christmas Day? MOVING DAY! Okay, probably not, but you can still make this day fun in a few different ways.

Introduce the kids to the movers and let them see the truck that will be taking all of their stuff.

Another fun idea is to have a little “Moving Day” surprise for them, such as a treat or a small plush toy, either to give them in the morning or to store at the new house for when they arrive. 

5. Call in a Babysitter

While letting the kids ‘help’ with a few boxes and labelling can be fun for them, the majority of packing and moving will probably be best left to the adults.

Plan a day (or half day) where the kids can go to a friend or family member and you can get as much done as possible without having to worry about making snacks or entertaining the little ones. You may also want to hire a sitter for the actual moving day too as this can be a big day for everyone. 

6. Say Goodbye to the Old House

It can be really sad leaving the comfort and safety of your house. Take the time to let the kids say goodbye to their rooms, their backyard and any neighbours. Let them ‘soak’ up the good memories to take with them.

This will help give them a sense of closure and hopefully help ignite their excitement for the journey ahead. 

7. Prioritise their Rooms

Unpacking, rearranging and decorating your new house can be a lot of fun and it’s easy to want to set up the living areas first. But no doubt your children will want to start with their own rooms.

Help them with their own rooms first so they can feel a sense of comfort and security, even if this means you’re eating dinner on the floor for the first few days. 

8. Try to Keep the Routine the Same

Easier said than done, especially when you’ve got a house full of boxes to deal with, but it’s important to ensure the kids are sticking to their routine, especially for meals and naps. 

9. Get out of the New House

This is so important, not only for them, but for you too. Take plenty of breaks from packing and unpacking to go for a walk, head to a playground or meet the new neighbours. 

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