Moving to Cairns

by Katie BRT Manager Jan 21, 2023

Everything you need to know about moving to Cairns.


Moving to Far North Queensland’s beautiful city of Cairns is something that many Australians are making the most of.

From the tropical climate to the rainforest landscape, Cairns is appealing for many different reasons.

But with the beauty of this tropical city comes the fact that its location is beyond suburbia. It’s not called Far-North Queensland for nothing.

We've found three of the most important things that will ensure your move to Cairns is a success.

It's time to prepare for the move that will change your life.

Sit back, relax and enjoy making memories in one of the most beautiful places in Australia.

Let's unpack.

Arranging Transport to Cairns

Once you've committed to moving to Cairns, it's important to know that not all transport companies offer services that travel that far north. Utilise the transport companies that have the fleet and capacity to transport all of your belongings to the exact destination that you need them to go.

This includes transporting and moving the larger household items, such as fridges and couches, and finding the right transport company that can accomodate your needs.

You can begin your search by utilising the Best Rated Transport Quote Tool, and discovering which companies offer services to Cairns.

Preparing Early

Early preparation is the key to a successful interstate move. This is even more important when you're moving to a location that is outside a CBD. Source packaging materials that can withstand a humid Cairns climate, and allocate enough time for the trip so that everything is ready to go when you arrive to your new home.

Be sure to arrange an early connection of utilities and insurances. This means that everything will be ready to go as soon as you walk in the front door. Some transport companies offer a complete packing and prepping service which gifts you more time to organise family, pets and other moving tasks. No matter which way you look at it,  you can never begin prepping too early.

Information Local to Cairns

Cairns is unique in that it combines the beauty of the rainforest and meets this with both the city and the shore. Prior to making the trip north, understand the city structure of Cairns including its public transport systems. This will allow you to prepare and plan a trip knowing the city routes. It's also great to understand the Cairn's weather, its humidity and weather reports that are scheduled for moving day. Real estate and rental markets are also of significant importance when making a move, so be sure to do your research and align this with your chosen lifestyle.

Don't forget to utilise the wisdom of local Cairns transport companies. They often have ideas and information that the internet doesn't.

This is an exciting time in your life! Don't forget to make your choices based on the best information available to you. Visit Best Rated Transport to begin your Cairns journey.

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