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by DCODE Admin Jun 20, 2022

The length of time a person requires Temporary storage of their property can vary significantly from person to another. Available, clean and good access storage units may be hard to find.

Looking for a storage unit solution this 2022?

The length of time a person requires Temporary storage of their property can vary significantly from person to another. Available, clean and good access storage units may be hard to find.

You may require short term storage units during your moving process this could range from 1 week to many months, some reasons may include conflicting dates of house settlements or your new home may require renovations before you move in. Storage units are suitable for furniture removals as they are weather proofed with good truck access.

Also, you may require long term storage units with storage solutions for 12 months or more. The best thing you can do for 2022 is to book your storage unit in advance. Storage units are booking out fast, there is definitely no room for delay.

Best Rated Transport have the resources to arranged storage units with great solutions for many items from boats to full houses of furniture.

If your planning on relocating or putting furniture into storage, Best Rated Transport advise that you may wish to sell off some of your un-needed items like those old and damaged goods stored under the house or out in the garage. It's also important to package your furniture appropriately and there are storage solutions such as storage plastic tub advice when moving your furniture into storage and that can be read here

This will reduce the total volume and make the costs of relocating cheaper.

So, if you are looking for storage units when booking your furniture removalist, there are many things to consider.

Tell me more?

Best Rated Transports industry experience has shown that storage facilities are not always truck friendly.

There are different types of storage facilities. There are storage pods, storage containers, manned and unmanned facility. Storage facility opening and closing hours can vary too.

Therefore, the heavily used term ‘Good Truck Access’ does not apply.

When there is no good truck access, it will incur an ‘Access Fee’.

For example, an access fee when you apply to  book a storage unit facility that has a lift on the multilevel building. That would increase the cost of your furniture removal.

Also, to consider when you book a removalist to collect your goods from the storage unit facility as a ‘Local’ move. Site access issues will increase the time needed pick up/drop off the load and could potentially cost you a lot more money!

Therefore, it’s definitely recommended that you speak to one of our friendly Best Rated Transport team members to provide you the best solution to acquiring a storage facility to insure you receive the best deal available.

Best Rated Transport even obtain discounts with many national providers!

So you have nothing to lose and everything to SAVE! A quick google search of storage solutions near me, may assist you. Although for expert advice it is best your contact a professional removalist.

Are you arranging a storage solution for your precious items?

Looking for storage solutions which are clean, secure and dry?

Best Rated Transport offer storage solutions for any of your requirements.

We can assist you arrange storage for:

  • Furniture
  • Cars / Motorcycles
  • Boats
  • Caravans
  • Commercial

Best Rated Transport Storage Units Solution Connections

  • Australia – Wide*

*When you book your transportation with us.
*Available in all capital cities and most towns.

Alternatively there a nation wide storage on the following links:

  1. Storage King 
  2. National Storage

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