The Great Queensland Migration

by DCODE Admin Jun 20, 2022

Why Australians are Packing up and Moving North.

Why Australians are Packing up and Moving North.

After two years of pandemic-ridden uncertainty, many Australians have decided to pack up and move to Australia's sun of Queensland.

This mass migration shouldn’t come as a surprise. Queensland is a state of not only sun and sand, but lower housing prices and lower living costs.

In the first quarter of 2021, Brisbane alone gained the most people with a total of 3,300 people migrating to the state. Previous to this, Brisbane experienced a +4,800 net migration.

That’s a lot of Australians who are finding the move north very appealing.

We’ve decided to investigate exactly why the internal migration in Australia from March 2020 onwards favoured the sunny state of Queensland, and what you can do if you want to make the move up north for yourself.

  1. The Housing Prices are Lower

Queensland has a lot to offer! But, one of the major factors that entices new residents can definitely be the lower median housing prices and warmer weather.

As of 2019, the average dwelling price in Brisbane, QLD was $490,000 which is substantially less than that of Melbourne at $665,000 and Sydney at $840,000.

This lower median cost also transitions across to commercial rental and leasing costs, showing that the medium Brisbane CBD leasing average is $295/m2 compared to that of Melbourne CBD at $455/m2 and Sydney at $870m2.

The impact that lower housing prices has on the economy, and beyond this the community, is substantial. This alone makes Queensland an ideal location for any person ready to move homes or re-locate businesses.

  1. The Weather is Warmer

There’s no denying that Queensland is definitely the sunny state. A lot of new Queensland residents have made the move up north with the intent to have a sea change. That brings a little extra sun to their days.

Unlike the weather experienced across Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania, Queensland’s weather allows for more versatility when you’re planning your days. The sun is out for longer, the rain showers a little less. To top it off the average temperate all-year-round is 30 degrees Celsius.

  1. The Cost of Living is Less

Living in Queensland is less than that of other Australian states.

Expect to pay less for living expenses like childcare, rent and utilities in Queensland than what you do in the southern states of Victoria and New South Wales.

It’s the savings from a lower cost of living which can provide more happiness. So this can provide you with more freedom, financial gain and less stress when living life.

  1. How to Prepare for the Move

 If you’ve been thinking about making the move to sunny Queensland, there’s no better time to pack up and go.

So we've created a FREE moving checklist that provides you with information on what you need to be ready to make the move interstate, the systems you need to have in place and the best removalist services that can offer a trustworthy and supportive lending hand.

While the pandemic has cast much of a shadow across our land, it has brought some light to the benefits of moving interstate and shown the opportunity available to any person who is ready for a blissful sea change.

If you’re thinking of moving and need a little bit more guidance, advice or support, please reach out HERE. Let’s get you moving.

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