Three Things to Look for When Transporting your Fleet Interstate

by Katie BRT Manager Sep 20, 2022

There are many things to consider when it comes to interstate car transport.

When it comes to interstate fleet transport there are additional things that you need to consider.

From cost effectiveness to insurances, interstate car transport is something that can cause stress and uncertainty if you haven’t done your research.

That’s why we've listed three things that you need to consider when transporting your fleet interstate.

Here's to less stress and more business.

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Cost-Efficiency and Transport Networks

When it comes to finding the best interstate transport company, the cheapest option may not always be best.

A national transport company that connects hub spots and container ports with various other suppliers may suit you best, even if the cost is higher. This means that your cars can be delivered to several locations rather than one drop-off point.

Alternatively, you may only need your fleet transported to one location. In that instance, the additional contact points would not be necessary.

It’s these details that provide for successful national transport. Especially when it comes to transporting more than one vehicle in a cost-effective way.


How Will the Cars be Transported?

After deciding where the fleet will be delivered, you need to consider how it will get there.

It's important to have an understanding of exactly how your fleet will arrive to its destination.

  • Will your fleet be transported in a car- carrying capsule?
  • Do you need the capsule to be enclosed so that debris, stone, and dust are unable to ruin the vehicles?
  • Is it best to have an open capsule, allowing for more vehicles to be towed or hauled across states?

Some transport companies will only be able to provide a specific mode of transport. Use this as a guide when searching for the transport company right for you.


Previous Transport Work

Has the transport company had experience transporting vehicles and fleets like your own? If yes, it's likely that they have the correct tools and insurances to cover the entirety of your fleet.

If not, it may be helpful to search the company's work history to determine if it can securely transport a fleet of your capacity.

The  transport company should also hold public liability insurances that aid in replacement of vehicles if an accident were to occur.


Once you know exactly what you are looking for, you will be able to search for the transport companies available to you.

Save time and money  by using the Best Rated Transport quote and comparison tool to help you secure the best interstate car transport for your fleet and business.

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