What Not to Pack When Moving

by Jenna Jun 14, 2024

Gearing up for a long distant move? Here are some of the unexpected items that you cannot pack into a container or removalist truck.

When moving house, there’s a lot more to move than just boxes and furniture. There’s outdoor equipment, garden supplies, bikes and much more. You may even need to move a trampoline or a cubby house. But there are a few dangerous goods that you cannot include in your moving inventory, whether using a container to move your goods or a removalist company.

To help avoid potential problems down the road, Best Rated Transport has compiled a list of what not to pack when moving house. 

Let's Start in Your Garage 

You will not be able to pack: 

  • Propane tanks

  • Paints and paint thinners 

  • Lighter fluid 

  • Motor oil 

  • Gasoline

  • Car batteries 

  • Herbicides, fertilisers, and pesticides


  • Pool chemicals 

Food and Drinks 

It is not recommended to move perishable foods especially in a long distance move. Canned goods, pantry items, non-perishable items, spices and oils are fine but avoid bringing items that are in your fridge or freezer. Aim to eat as much as you can from the fridge and freezer before you go. You can also donate any food you plan on throwing away to a local food bank. 

If you are driving to your new home, you may want to pack an esky of snacks and cold items to have on your travels. 

In terms of transporting alcohol, wine and spirit bottles will need to be packed in speciality boxes and crates and must be unopened. Some removalists will not transport alcohol at all so be sure to check this when submitting your inventory. 

Common Household Items

There are quite a few items that you might not even think twice about packing but are actually not allowed. These include: 

  • Fire extinguishers

  • Aerosols 

  • Cleaning solvents including bleach

  • Nail polish remover 

Personal Items

We recommend that important documentation and prized possessions make the journey with you to your new home, whether you’re driving or flying. This includes passports, birth certificates, jewellery, laptops, phones and medication. 


There are specific pet transport companies that can assist you with moving your furry friend or reptile to another state. However, removalists generally cannot do this as pets cannot be transported in the back of a truck safely. We suggest that you bring your dog or cat along for the ride with you. Keep in mind that some animals are not allowed in certain states. 

Live Plants

Transporting live plants can be tricky. It can be done but remember, live plants need sun and being inside a container or truck means they may not look too happy on the other side. 

Some removalists don’t allow the transporting of live plants at all because of the risk of certain plants not being allowed to cross borders. Generally, if you are looking to move live plants you will need to check with your state government and you may require a biosecurity certificate. 


  • Most movers do not transport firearms or ammunition. Removing companies generally avoid handling such items unless the proper documentation and storage space are provided. 
  • Items with visible signs of mould 
  • LPG Gas Bottles - You can transport your gas bottle but it must be completely empty. 
  • Lawn Mowers and Gardening equipment - Motorised machinery can be transported but they will need to be completely empty of all fuel and oil.

A Safe, Secure and Stressfree Move

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