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by DCODE Admin Jun 20, 2022

If you’re on the lookout for a quality  transport company, or you work within the transport industry, it’s highly likely you’ve come across Best Rated Transport.

Bringing Transparency to Transport.

If you’re on the lookout for a quality  transport company, or you work within the transport industry, it’s highly likely you’ve come across Best Rated Transport.

Best Rated Transport offers a digital platform that helps customers move freight Australia-wide. It gives transport companies a fair-go and looks out for customers as they search for interstate removalists or transporters.

Best Rated Transport works with you, for you!

Why? Because our Founder, Katie Gardner, saw that customers had lost trust in the transport industry due to dodgy operators.

They lost money, they lost possessions, and they lost hope.

There are many reasons why people fall for dodgy transport and removalist scams.

Sometimes they choose the cheaper price, not realising that the cheaper quote comes from operators who don't have the same credentials or insurances.

Or they trust a platform that allows any operator to join without an investigation or background check into the workings of the operator’s business.

Or they don't have the time to compare more than just the price point, and fail to find a company that ticks all of the boxes from insurances to break down contingency plans and fleet size.

That’s why Katie launched an honest, credible and accessible platform that allows you to rely on the best transporters in Australia.

It is free to join and free to obtain quotes.

We want you to know that moving interstate and finding a trusted removalist is as simple as comparing quotes on the Best Rated Transport platform.

We’ve done the research, we’ve completed the internal operator reviews, and we are prepared to 100% back both the customer and the operator to ensure that any moving job will be completed with the best of care.

Here’s just three of the reasons why you need to work with Best Rated Transport;

  1. Best Rated Transport Selectively Chooses Which Operators Can Join 

We have a structured process that allows us to adequately research all possible operators before giving them the Best Rated Transport Green Tick of approval.

Our mission is to ensure that we only choose operators that are reliable, credible, great communicators, have a good operating history, are honest and genuine.

Best Rated Transport want only the best operators to help you move, no matter where you are in Australia. That’s why we're proud supporters of small business and believe in transparency to give transport companies a fair-go.

We find the best transport operators across Australia using a specific process that includes the following research and requirements;

  • Specific registration requirements.
  • Strict Registration paperwork.
  • A lengthy trial period.
  • Complete compliance checks
  • A strict adherence to, and agreeance with, the Mover Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Code of Conduct.
  • Background research to ensure they have a good business history.
  • Agreeance to uphold the Best Rated Transport brand.

Once an operator is authorised, they are able to use our verified green tick which showcases that they have been vetted and verified by Best Rated Transport.

If the transporter, removalist or operator doesn’t have the Best Rated Transport green tick of approval, it’s time to start asking them ‘why?’

2. Your Peace of Mind Comes First

The Best Rated Transport website is Australia’s first 7-point comparison site.

This means you are able to compare rates from great operators using our 7-point comparison system.

While you are searching for the  best operator for your next move, you are able to compare quotes using any of the following at the  click of a button;

  1. Accreditations / Associations
  2. Insurance
  3. GPS Tracking
  4. Years of Operation
  5. Breakdown Contingency Plan
  6. Fleet Size
  7. Reviews

The price of the move is shown with each quote, allowing you to compare more than just the price point between several great operators.

With Best Rated Transport, you are in the driver's seat. You choose the best operator, transporter or removalist based on what's most important to you.

That's why Best Rated Transport provides a real and fair comparison, allowing you to save time and money while knowing that your belongings are safe.

3. There’s No Other Platform Like This

The Best Rated Transport comparison platform is a first of its kind, providing an unprecedented level of transparency and verification.

Why? Because we want to be sure that your hard-earned possessions aren't left in the hands of just anybody.

We're here to demonstrate transparency and allow for connection between operators and customers.

Operators are able to show that they are reliable and trustworthy by obtaining the  green tick of approval.

And customers are able to have the  peace of mind knowing that all the  appropriate checks have been completed by the professionals.

As a proud member of Advance Queensland, we work to tick all the boxes as you navigate the world of transport.

That's why we encourage you to utilise the Best Rated Transport Platform, before contracting a transporter. 

Your belongings and back-pocket will be much better for it.

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*Please note that all blogs and advice provided on this website is for guidance only. Customers are to conduct their own review and research at their own discretion.

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