4 Tips When Selling Your Home

by DCODE Admin Jun 20, 2022

The process of selling a home can seem confronting. From the agent fees and financial impact to home inspections, auctions and private sales, there is a lot to consider when it comes to selling a property.

How to make the selling process easier, and ensure maximum profit.

The process of selling a home can seem confronting. From the agent fees and financial impact to home inspections, auctions and private sales, there is a lot to consider when it comes to selling a property.

We’ve identified four of the top industry tips that help to sell a property, so that you can begin your sale journey with a lot more confidence and a lot less stress.

  1. Talk to More than One Agent

The first process in selling your home is listing it. But, it’s not as simple as signing up with any agent and hoping for the best. Especially when substantial commission and agent fees are involved.

Be sure to speak to a number of different real estate agents so that you can be certain that the agent you are dealing with is experienced in selling homes, understands what you are trying to achieve and provides guidance to the market value of your property.

The more real estate agents that you speak to, the better. You will soon see that you have a connection with some and not others. It’s important that you work with an agent that you trust. That your chosen agent can manage your expectations throughout the entire selling process. Selling your home is one of the most stressful times in one's life they say so ensure you find your trusted agent to discuss all things about selling your home.

  1. Understand the Market

While you are searching for the best possible agent, it’s important to understand the market value of your property and what will impact the sale price.

Ultimately, you want to be in a position where you understand what your home is worth and the figure you should be able to reach when selling your home. One of the best places to start when understanding the market value of your home is to look at other properties sold in your area, and make a slight comparison before diving in further.

Understanding the market value of your property can allow you to go into a sale with your eyes open and head in the right place. This type of knowledge eliminates uncertainty and makes the selling process a lot easier. You maybe eligible for the  first home deposit scheme selling house too and most importantly reviewing schemes for each state if you want to move interstate. There may be design project homes to sell and also consider the costs to selling your house in Australia.

  1. It’s Time to Do a Deep Clean

One of the most promising ways of promoting your home when selling. It's through the use of photos, video and imagery. This includes real estate photos for websites, brochures and the front-of-house signage.

So, it’s time to do a deep clean of your home to showcase every feature. HERE is a great checklist that you can refer to when deep cleaning your home prior to selling. Now you complete the deep clean. It’s easier to keep things tidy for inspections! This also allows you to maximise your time when doing the additional touch-ups.  So now your  sale is a smooth process.

  1. It's time to start organising!

Preparation is the key to success when it comes to selling your home. Be sure to have your affairs in order, including speaking to a finance professional of your choice, understanding the changes you need to make with utilities post sale, and arranging for a trustworthy and professional removalist who can help you to both move and store your belongings to sell your own home, as well as move your belongings to your new property after the settlement date.

It takes a village when selling your home, but once you know how to approach this process.. It certainly becomes far less complex and a lot more exciting when selling your home. These tips for selling your home are directly from the moving interstate or long distance experts. Find out How to Get the Best Removalist Quote here

If you’re ready to sell, we’d love to help. Contact us for more information on how we can make your property sale process smoother.

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