Heavy Haulage and How to Make it Work

by Katie BRT Manager Sep 19, 2022

Find the best Heavy Haulage carrier for your needs.

Whether it’s for machinery, farm stock, or large equipment, finding the right heavy haulage partner is an important business decision.

But only when you partner with the right heavy haulage transport company for your transport needs.

Here's  four of the most important points when it comes to finding the right heavy haulage company for your cargo, fleet or equipment.

Let’s weigh in.


When will the Heavy Haulage Arrive?

It’s essential to have a good understanding of when heavy haulage will be delivered. This includes the specific date of delivery and how long the haul will take.

Why? Because you have your own commitments and timeframes that you must adhere to. This includes existing contracts with your own clients or business partners.

Timeframes and destinations must be understood to ensure a successful haul.

Communicate openly with the  transport company when it comes to the  timeframe of the  entire project. This is critical when ensuring a haul is successful.

This also means that you'll continue to deliver on your own responsibilities and promises with engaged stakeholders.


What Needs to be Hauled?


The right transport company is one that has experience in moving the equipment or goods  that you need to haul.

Compare online reviews to discover what type of experience the haulage company has.  Beyond this, look for the heavy haulage companies that have experience carrying cargo similar to yours.

You'll then have a better understanding of what's required to haul your goods. This will also help you to assess what processes are used by the transport company to complete a safe trip.


What about Heavy Haulage Legalities, Permits and Insurances?


Different hauls will require different permits and insurances. That's why you need to confirm that the transport company is up-to-date with the legal requirements and permits for the haul.

Heavy Vehicle National Laws list several rules that could make you liable for transport breaches. Even if you're not transporting the goods yourself.

Be certain that the company you use understands what's required when it comes to heavy haulage. You can confirm those details directly with them, or you can utilise the Best Rated Transport quote finder to compare companies, what they offer and what insurances they hold.


What Safety and Compliance Measures are Needed?

Safety and compliance measures are paramount when it comes to heavy haulage. The transport company should be able to brief you on its processes and procedures when it comes to safety.

To ensure the safest haul possible, consider;

  • What does the company use to keep loads safe?
  • What vehicles are used to carry the weight of your cargo?
  • Does the company provide escort vehicles when required?

This information is also critically important when it comes to budgeting and assessing time frames. Safety and compliance should be at the forefront of your mind when organising transport and freight services.

Don’t forget to utilise the Best Rated Transport Quote Finder . It's an important tool in helping you begin your transport journey.

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