Moving Hacks - 20 Moving Tips to Make Your Move Extra Smooth

by Jenna Jun 04, 2024

Get on top of the moving madness with these simple moving hacks.

Hack your way to the best move yet with these easy moving hacks, including moving day tips and trick as well as moving supplies hacks (never lose the tip of your packing tape again!). 

General Moving Hacks

1. Consider all roads to travel including furniture removalists and container transport. It’s always best to compare furniture removalists quotes to ensure the best rate. Use a comparison company like Best Rated Transport to ensure transport credibility and to save time. 

2. Use checklists - An inventory checklist is great but there’s plenty more to organise when it comes to moving interstate. We recommend having checklists for everything, from what to buy, who you need to call to organise the move and what days you will tackle each job. 

3. Declutter before you pack - Don’t just throw everything into a box. Decide what items you can donate, sell or bin to save space on the things you don’t use anymore. This may include some larger pieces of furniture, old toys and clothes and broken appliances that currently take up space in your kitchen cupboards. 

Moving Hacks and Packing Tips

4. Colour-code boxes - Pick up a package of coloured stickers to place on each box so you know which room the boxes go to. 

5. Use your blankets, towels and linen to cushion fragile items such as perfume bottles. Use dish towels to securely wrap your kitchen items such as knives. Then secure with a rubber band. 

6. Use your suitcases - Why pack your suitcases empty? Use them to save on the number of boxes you will need. You most likely have at least four items of luggage in your closets - load them up! 

7. Remove light bulbs from lamps - They can break in transit.

8. Take a picture of the back of your TV - Remember which cord goes where can be tricky! 

9. Use a laundry basket for appliance essentials - TYou can easily move the basket to yor new kitchen and place them on the counter right away. 

10. Pack Heavy Items in Small Boxes - Use smaller boxes for heavy items like books and dishes to prevent them from becoming too heavy to lift.

11. Pack Clothes Strategically - Keep clothes on hangers and use wardrobe boxes for easier transportation. Use vacuum-sealed bags to save space for seasonal clothing.

Moving Supplies Hacks

Moving Hacks with Best Rated Transport


12. Tape Guns - Find the end of your tape by using a toothpick to mark where you peel. Place the toothpick horizontally on the tape's sticky side, then fold the end of the tape under so it covers the toothpick.

13. Painter’s Tape - Tape up drawers on furniture with painter’s tape which won’t damage the surface.   

14. Cardboard Boxes - Cut upside wide triangles on opposite sides at the box of your moving boxes to make a handle for easy carrying. 

15. Vacuum Bags - Make your own vacuum bags by using a garbage bag, rubber band and vacuum. 

16. Newspaper - Although it is cheap and easily available, newspaper doesn’t provide much protection. Opt for bubble or foam wrap instead. Or wrap items in tea towels or towels. 

Moving Day Hacks

17. Clear a path for the movers - Make sure the movers have plenty of space to move back and forth from the truck to your house. Keep the kids and pets away and clear all extension cords or other things that could get in the way. 

18. Pack an esky with snacks and water.  Set up a supply area with snacks and plenty of water, plus some towels to wipe down sweat. 

19.  Consider a food service for a few days - When you’re mostly packed from your new house or recently moved in, you probably won’t have much food in the fridge. Consider a ready-made meal service which can deliver meals to your door and can easily be heated in the microwave or oven. This takes the pressure off having to prepare meals when you’re in the middle of a move. 

20. Get help with reconnecting - Another great service to consider is a reconnecting service which connects your phone, internet, gas and electricity at your new place on your behalf. This can be a huge time saver! 

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