Moving With Cats

by Katie BRT Manager Jan 09, 2024

Moving with cats can be stress-free with the right transport. Finding the best transport when moving with cats.

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to moving with cats.

Different cat transport companies offer different services, and these services begin well before the truck pulls into your driveway. From the mode of transport to the size of the crate, moving a cat should be safe and comforting.

We’ve researched the main things that you need to know before moving your cat. And, look at the best ways to bring comfort to their next trip, be it to the next suburb, interstate or overseas.

It's time to introduce your cat to your new home!

Facilities and Staff

Researching the facilities that a pet transport company has on offer is the  first thing on your to-do list.

  • What is the company's fleet like?
  • Does it offer different sized crates for different cat types?
  • Are there opportunities to fly on the same flight as your cat if travelling on a plane?

These types of services will contribute to your cat's trip, helping them feel as calm and safe as possible. Also review whether the transport company has qualified staff who know how to manage cats and animals. This includes having a resident vet available if needed. This heightened sense of security will bring trust when transporting your pet. Especially if it requires urgent medical assistance or if a flight is cancelled.

The number one priority should always be your cat's safety.

Comfort and safety when Moving with Cats

The comfort and safety of your cat is going to have the biggest impact on whether or not your move is a success. So, be sure that the company transporting your cat has food and water readily available. The more relaxed the cat, the better the move will be. Discuss your cat's specific needs with the transport company, and make your decision based on what the company can offer your cat.

The insurances and experience that the cat transport company has should contribute largely to your decision. Does the transport company offer its services when a flight is cancelled? What are the internal processes if a cat is distressed? The answer to these questions will provide an insight into whether or not you would feel comfortable transporting your cat with the company. This will also provide an insight into whether the transportation costs will fit into your moving budget.

The Costs Involved when Moving with Cats

Like with every move, the costs of transporting a cat depends on the length of travel and size of the cat. Cat transport costs increase depending on the experience level of the transport company, and services it offers. There are usually additional costs for more experienced staff, like vets and vet nurses, who are on-call.

Some cat transport companies also offer a pre-moving service. This aids in helping your cat to feel safe and comfortable and can increase the cost of the move. Alternatively, you can opt for a transport-only service, which is a far more budget- friendly open when transporting pets across states.  Choose the option that works best for you and your cat, while fitting into your transport budget.

No matter the move, the size of the cat or the final destination, don’t forget to compare quotes and transport company offerings. You can do this by utilising the Best Rated Transport quote comparison tool. It will help you to find the best transport company for your cat, and allow your move to be as stress free and safe as possible.

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