Shipping Tips for Small Business

by Katie BRT Manager Apr 30, 2024

Helping you find the best shipping options for your business.

Shipping has just been made a whole lot easier. 


Shipping can seem like an overwhelming process for small businesses. But with the right preparation, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Having a shipping process in place can provide multiple benefits while helping to save you both time and money.

Here are some shipping and transport tips to help propel your small business forward;


Analyse Shipping History

Taking the time to review your shipping history can give you valuable insight into what is working well. This analysis will also give you an insight into what could be improved. Look at;

  • Shipping rates
  • Delivery times
  • Customer feedback
  • Order history, and;
  • Order numbers to see how your operations stack up against those of your competitors.

This information will also come in handy when researching other internal logistical processes, like interstate transport. 

Analysing and researching your shipping history will allow you to obtain valuable insight into stakeholder demands and how you can leverage these to ensure the successful growth of your business.


Research All Options

With so many transport methods available, sometimes it’s hard to know which one is the best option for your business. Consider all transport and shipping services available to you. These include standard, express, and international methods, as well as economical shipping methods like flat-rate shipping and zone shipping. These differing options will have a large impact on the way your internal processes succeed, and will also dictate the  benefits for your bottom line and profitability.

It's also extremely important to look into customer service options when researching alternative companies. Customer service should be a top priority when it comes to choosing the right provider for your business requirements, and knowing how that company handles disputes when they arise is a really important thing to factor in when making your final decision.


Look at all shipping options available to you. 

Negotiate Rates

Don't be afraid to negotiate rates with potential carriers. You may be able to find and receive discounts for high volumes of shipments or other specific needs. Also look for any promotional codes that may be available from certain carriers to help you save money. A way to ensure that you are receiving the best rates and discounts is by utilising the comparative tool on the Best Rated Transport website. Online comparative tools are a fast, easy way to ensure that you are receiving the best possible rates for your budget and business.


Use Shipping Software

Shipping software can be a great tool to help streamline processes. It helps to automate tasks such as label printing, tracking, shipping rate comparison and order fulfilment. This type of software can also provide analytics which will help you monitor shipping performance and make informed decisions about shipping operations in the  future. Another important thing to note is that although software may be an additional cost, it is something that can help you to stay on-top of all shipping processes, orders and future decisions. It can be a positive investment that allows you to dedicate saved time on other parts of your business.


Leverage Logistics Providers

Logistics providers can offer small businesses a variety of services, from warehousing and distribution to freight and global shipping solutions. They can provide an end-to-end service that is tailored to the specific needs of your small business and its logistic requirements. This process helps businesses save time and money on all business operations, and provides further insight into what may be beneficial when it comes to future profitable decisions, important taxes, insurances and legal requirements.


Understand Insurances & Taxes

Protecting your shipments is essential for any business, especially small businesses with limited resources. Make sure that you research all applicable insurances and taxes available in your shipping destination country. This will help ensure that your shipments reach customers safely and on time. It will also prevent additional costs or delays due to damage or taxes.

A sound understanding of the services and taxes is imperative to ensure that you are adequately complying with any legal rules or regulations that are applicable to your small business, or industry type.


If you utilise your own research skills and information currently available to you, you can make your business' process simpler and far more efficient. Having a streamlined shipping process will help save you both time and money, allowing you to focus on other aspects of running a small business in your chosen area.

With the right strategy in place, shipping and logistics doesn't have to be overwhelming. It can be an incredible tool in propelling your business and your profit forward. Don't forget to visit Best Rated Transport for more information on all things transport and business.


Key Takeaway:

Knowing how to ship efficiently and effectively can be a valuable asset for any business. Taking the time to research options, negotiate rates, utilise software, leverage logistics providers and look into insurances and taxes will help you save time and money on shipping operations.

Don't forget to utilise the  Best Rated Transport Quote tool to help you find the best shipping rates, offers and companies that suit your business needs.

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