Removalist Pet Hates

by DCODE Admin May 02, 2024

It's no wonder moving house sits high on the list of life's biggest stressors.

It's no wonder moving house sits high on the list of life's biggest stressors.

Nobody likes doing it — and we're quick to point the finger at removalists when things go wrong.

But not all moving headaches are created by the actions of those transporting your stuff.

The good news is there are things within your control to make a move run more smoothly (and the lives of you and the removers easier)

  • Over packing boxes is a common occurrence and removalists are constantly battling this. - If you can’t carry the box, neither can the removalist! refer to our packing tips for more information.
  • Not providing secondary contact details, removalists require a secondary contact in case they are not able to get into contact with you in an emergency.
  • Please Ensure an interstate removalist truck has adequate truck access – access isn’t just stairs or distance to the truck it’s other factors for example:

- Is the driveway level?

- Is the driveway long enough for a removalist truck?

- Are there overhanging powerlines or branches along my street? Not just the driveway.

- Is there adequate parking for the truck?

  • Ensuring payment for your move is organised before the truck departs your pickup location, most removalists request a small deposit prior to confirmation of your booking and request the remaining amount on your moving day.
  • Not giving adequate notice – most removalists require a minimum amount of notice to book your move in as moving isn’t just stressful for the customer it is also stressful for the removalist you choose to move you!
  • Storage sizes, removalists always try their best to fit your items into storage, ensuring you book a storage space that’s large enough takes that stress off the removalists that move you.
  • Providing accurate inventories ensures the removalist arrives with a truck that has adequate space and equipment for your furniture move.

Providing every detail ensures your move will happen as smooth and easily as possible, any further questions please contact your removalist and they will be able to assist you in every way possible.

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COVID-19 UPDATE Our drivers can still access all States but there are public restrictions with access to WA. Domestic interstate moves are still possible for: QLD / NSW / VIC / SA / NT / TAS

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